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An Analysis of the Effect of the Physical Design on Behavior in Urban Spaces (Case Study-Imam Orumieh Street)


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 The physical environment of the city and citizens can have mutual effects on each other, The street as one of the most important public spaces in the city can be the place for these effects. The purpose of the present study was to measure the relationship between the physical environment design and negative and positive behaviors in street space. To this end, analyzing and ranking the distribution of behaviors (excitement, esteem and help, hurry, anger and fear) has been carried out on four Behaviors Kind in Imam Street. A questionnaire and a checklist were used for data collection and weighing the indexes through Expert Choice software. In order to rank the behaviors, Topsis software and Friedman statistical model were used, to estimate the difference between behavior, as well as the physical design of ANOVA and Pearson correlation. The results of this study showed that there is a significant relationship between positive and negative behaviors with the physical pattern of Behavior setting. The physical layout of the site has increased positive and negative behaviors in special places. This relationship is among the more positive behaviors than negative behaviors, In fact, the environment can strengthen positive behaviors and blossom them before they can eliminate negative behaviors. The overall ranking of all negative and positive behaviors in the whole of Imam Street also indicates that Imam Street is not suitable in terms of behavior in a proper physical plan. The overall result of the research is that the probability of determinism and architectural algebra in Emotional behaviors is rejected.


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