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Factors Affecting the Methods of Higher Education Resource Allocation in Iran


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 The purpose of the present study is to identify the components of the method of the Higher education resource allocation in Iran. For this purpose, key indicators of resource allocation were extracted and categorized into three groups of political, functional and approach-based ones. The designed questionnaire was compiled based on effective indicators on resource allocation method, among managers and experts in universities, as well as the affairs of Higher education of program and budget organization of the country, distribution and needed data to study and the analysis of resource allocation indices to universities in the present and also optimal situation. The effectiveness amount of the indices was evaluated using an analytical method. Based on research findings, making change and achieving an optimal resource allocation model requires more and deeper attention to the functional component and consideration of the importance of the approach-based component. Some of the most important indicators that affect the optimal allocation of resources to universities are as follows: "realization of educational objectives of the strategic plan of the university", "realization of research objectives of the strategic plan of the university", "effectiveness of educational activities", "cost-based activities in the university", "university dignity and credibility, " "effective and transparent management process at universities, " "possibility of predicting methods and parameters used for resource allocation, " as well as "transparency, justice and resource allocation efficiency". The results of the research show that the political component does not affect the optimal method of Resources allocation to universities.


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