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Locating of city of Azyvjā n Based on the Study of Historical texts and Archaeological Evidence


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Azyvjā; n« is one of the less known cities of early Islamic era in western Iran. We are familiar with it through the reports of the early and middle Islamic centurie's geographers and also coins of this city belong to the fourth century AH. This city has been geographically in the »Masbazan« province in the west of Iran. Despite the studies and archaeological research carried out in this area, so far the city of Azyvjā; n and its location has been remained unknown in the present-day geography of the region. The purpose of this paper is investigating the geographical scope of the city of Azyvjā; n based on the knowledge of the historical resources and adaptation this data to archaeological evidence in order to achieve an understanding of the location of this city in the present-day geography of the region. The research approach is "historical" and the findings are gathered with documentary and field studies. The results show that the area which we should look for the city of Azyvjā; n is in the modern city of »Evā n« in the north province of Elam and along the »Kangir « river. By comparing archaeological data with descriptions of historical texts about the city of Azyvjā; n and its location, the "Joey Zar" on the shores of Kangir River proposed for its location.


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