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Narrative of closed places in the poem of Mohammad Afifi Matar ( the cemetery and cafe for example)


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 We consider the narrative structure in the contemporary poetic text to be an integral unit that carries many elements and techniques for its artistic image. The place element has a significant importance in the creation of the narratives and the creation of bonds that combine the narratives with a specific atmosphere in which to express the views of the narrator, The presence of the prominent closed spaces in the poetry of Mohammed Afifi Matar comes in a special verbal nature confined in closed spaces to the organization of the dramatic events and deepen the internal life of the person concerned, but this may result in the merger at the opposite result and lead to adventure in the experience of the outside and then get out of the opposite interviews. This study attempts to use the descriptive-analytical approach to address the narratives of the closed spaces in the poetry of Muhammad Afifi Matar, and in particular focus on the location of the cemetery and the makhee. The cemetery is unique in the dimensions and sizes of the excellence of the closure and limited as a narrative meaning that may be the twin death and resurrection in a position and then suggest offset hostility and familiarity in other positions and that the cafe in his poetry can be a haven to escape the personal safety and stability of the events of reality Occasional, bipolarism occurs, or becomes a conflict between self-sufficiency and globalization.


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