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Evaluation of neo-tectonic activities in Ali Abad chay Horand watershed based on tectonic indicators (SL-BS-FD-BR)


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 Phenomena’ s which are the aim of the research in the Neo-tectonic filed including the all factors, process and functions that are based on the earth new activates and created geomorphic by this activities. Evaluation of Neo-tectonic activities based on tectonics indicators on Ali-Abad cay Horand Watershed is the topic of this discussion in this research. The recognizing and proofing of Neo-tectonic activities and represent the proportion of Neo-tectonic activities in different part of Watershed was the aim of this study. The method was that at the firstNeo-tectonic activities in the Watershed distinguishaccording the on the four types Tectonic indicators include (FD, SL, BR) and averaged of all indicators. Then we proofed Neo-tectonic activities in this Watershed and based on the indicators final finding was existence of Neo-tectonic activities in the Watershed, for these reasons, we used the different data for example: topography and geology maps 1: 50000 & 1: 100000, satellite images an Slop-Fault-Hydrology-DEM-Tin maps, Arc-GIS software. Results showed that Watershed Neo-tectonic activities based on LAT indicators includes: 50% active-30% semi-active basin and 20% was inactive that all of Neo-tectonic activities observed along major fault in the sense of geographic information system (GIS), revealed that the Neo-tectonic activities of Ali abad cay Watershed active along three major fault and most minor faults and also Watershed hydrology system compliance whit fault. We can conclude that authorities and planners should consider these geomorphologic evidence and phenomena in local and regional planning.


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