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Morphological classification of Telvar river channel stream based on Rosgen method and its efficiency (Between the Kechi Gerd village until Hassan Khan)


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 In this study, the morphology Telvar River as a main branch of the Ghezel Ozan River, were classified and evaulated different based on the Rosgen model in the level II and III. With regard to the integrated model the main purpose were classification and evaluation of channel stream intervals in the study area and also understanding existing processes and morphological identify. In this research in general data ghatered based on library research and field work mehtods. We used physical tools, including: geological maps, topographic and land use and conceptual tools, including: software ARC GIS10, WMS9. 1, HEC-RAS fore river simulation and extract neccesary elements. Finally, we classified and evulated based on the Rosgen model in the level II and III due to the geomorphological and field work for Telvar River. The results of Rosgen model in the II level showed that case study channel have different values of effectiveness parameters in the model such as: Entrenchment Ratio, Coefficient of curvature, Width/Depth ratio, size of the bed materia, so, channel morphology in the Intervals upstream direction are type of B, C and E and in the middle are types of B, C, D and E and in the downstream are type of B, C and D respectively. Overall results showed, point of wieve stability of conditions and III level Rosgen, on the middle part of the Telvar River have poor level and other parts have medium and good level respectively. Also, Telvar River channel patterns and the classification and separation channels are conformityed with Rosgen model.


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