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A Sociological Study of the Effect of Gender-Stereotype Images in Occupational Discrimination over Women and the Origins of these Images in Iranian Culture






 The purpose of this study is to explore the effects of gender-stereotype images about women in occupational discrimination over them; further more, some origins of creation and reinforcement of these images such as educational system, literature and language were investigated This study was a qualitative type and the data collection has been documentary-based and carried out by using written sources, experimental and statistical searches, analyses and theoretical perspectives in sociology, social psychology and linguistics. The results and findings of this study shows that one of the important and effective factors in gender discrimination over women, in most human societies, is the existence of current gender-stereotype images in the general culture of those societies; by assigning special characteristics to male and female genders, each of them are considered more talented and deserving and suitable to get certain responsibilities or are not considered deserving or suitable for certain responsibilities. These gender-stereotype images made by the educational system are the institutionalized historical authority and settled thoughts and images in the traditional literature and even the structure of language and despite the fact that it does not have much relation with the objective reality of women’ s and men’ s capabilities and characteristics, they have their effects on women’ s social, economic and occupational life. They seriously and practically lead to inequality in women’ s and men’ s occupations and payments and most women are deprived from getting jobs of higher order which have higher payment. Therefore, one of the current solutions for occupational discrimination over women is to correct discourse and gender-stereotype images ascribed to women in each society in which the belief to such stereotypes are observed.


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