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Comparing Accumulation Of Some Heavy Metals (Mercury, Copper, Zinc) In Liver And Muscle Tissues Of Grown Carp And Sea Carp


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 Heavy metals are non-degradable pollutants affecting living creatures of waters including fish. In this study, concentration of three heavy metals of merCury, copper and zinc in liver and muscle tissues of Caspian Sea carp and grown carp (in a farm around Urmia with a well water resource) were studied as marine and grown samples, respectively and the risk was estimated. In this research, 20 specimens of carp were prepared from this resource. The heavy metals were measured using an atomic absorption device equipped with a flame system. The results showed that the maximum means of heavy metals in carp related to zinc and copper in Caspian Sea carp were 78. 29 ± 7. 52 and 6. 24 ± 2. 46, respectively and in grown carp were 134. 31 ± 21. 51 and 28. 88 ± 7. 9 ppm dry weight, respectively. The content of toxic and unnecessary metal of merCury in grown and sea carp was 10. 48 ± 0. 13 and 0. 54± 0. 13 ppm dry weight, respectively. There was no significant difference between values of measured metal in both muscle and liver tissues (P>0. 05). There was no significant relationship between the content of heavy metals with biometric indices (age, length, weight) of carp in both places of sampling (P>0. 05). In addition, there was a significant relationship between carp sex and acCumulation of zinc and merCury metals (P<0. 05), while there was no significant relationship between carp sex and copper concentration (P>0. 05). Comparison of these metals with the limit of global standards showed that the amount of merCury metal in grown carp was higher than all above mentioned standards.


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