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Simulation of BirjandUrban FloodUsing HEC-RAS and ARC-GIS


Zeraatkar Z. | Hassanpour f.




 Residential and urban development in margins of rivers and floodplains have Changed rangeland and agricultural land toresidential and industrial land then the hydrological behavior of watershed has been unusual. In this study, the behavior of urban flood of Birjand in the Shahroud Watershed was studied. The Shahroud Watershed has hada lot ofnonexpert land use change in recent years. In this way initially runoff Curve Number of SCS model was determined using Satellite Images, land use and field visits. In the continue, flood discharge was simulated using HEC-HMS model after surveying geometrical characteristics of the main river and its hydraulical structures such as bridges. The results of the simulation show that 25 and 100-year return period leading to the occurrence of peak flood discharge amount of 207. 63 and 463. 56 cubic meter per second respectively. Results of the simulated flood with a return period of 25 years show that this flood is maximum flow that cross sections and hydraulical structures of the river are able to cross, So in order to reduce the risks of flooding in the city of Birjand more attention to the increased potential for flood passing is essential.


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    APA: Copy

    Zeraatkar, Z., & Hassanpour, f.. (2016). Simulation of BirjandUrban FloodUsing HEC-RAS and ARC-GIS. WATERSHED MANAGEMENT RESEARCHES (PAJOUHESH-VA-SAZANDEGI), 29(112 ), 41-56. SID.

    Vancouver: Copy

    Zeraatkar Z., Hassanpour f.. Simulation of BirjandUrban FloodUsing HEC-RAS and ARC-GIS. WATERSHED MANAGEMENT RESEARCHES (PAJOUHESH-VA-SAZANDEGI)[Internet]. 2016;29(112 ):41-56. Available from:

    IEEE: Copy

    Z. Zeraatkar, and f. Hassanpour, “Simulation of BirjandUrban FloodUsing HEC-RAS and ARC-GIS,” WATERSHED MANAGEMENT RESEARCHES (PAJOUHESH-VA-SAZANDEGI), vol. 29, no. 112 , pp. 41–56, 2016, [Online]. Available:

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