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The effect Vitex Agnus-Castus on serum concentration of cortisol, progesterone and luteinizing hormone in dairy cows


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 In this study a 50 ml hydroalcoholic extract of the plant, Vitex-agnus prescribed to cyclic Holstein cows orally, and its effects on serum Cortisol, Progesterone and Luteinizing hormone concentrations were assessed. Cows divided into control (n=7) and treatment (n=7) groups. After 21 days’ prescription of the extract in treatment group, both groups synchronized by two intra muscular injection of PGF2α in 11 days apart. Prescription of herbal extract of Vitex Agnus-Castus in the treatment group continued till to end of synchronized cycle. During this estrous cycle blood samples collected and ovaries and uterus of cows were examined ultrasonographically. After 53 days’ treatment, Progesterone, LH and Cortisol concentrations of serums that were taken in days, 5, 9, 13 and 18 of estrous cycle measured by ELISA kit. Statistical analyses were done by SPSS. An analysis of repeated measures with 95% Confidence Interval was carried out by (GLM) procedure for times (days) trends measures. An independent t test was done for comparison of the data. The data of treatment group before and after treatment was analysed by paired t test. Results showed that Vitex-agnus increases serum Progesterone concentration versus before treatment and control group (P>0. 05). The Cortisol concentration after treatment decreased but it was not significant. The LH concentration in treatment group only in days 13 increased (not significantly). These results show that the herbal extract probably, have positive effects on Progesterone, LH blood concentration increase and Cortisol blood concentration decrease in Holstein cows.


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