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The Strategy of Organizational managers and Identity Disobedience (Outfit, Make-up, Language) of Stewardesses in the Standardization of Iranian Stewardesses' uniform Project


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 The development of national and international ever exchanging of goods and cultures oblige of the highly performed male and female manpower’ s labour and on the other hand by the expansion of international transport networks in the world. The mangers of super airline companies, have tried to create and recreate their favorable organizational identity of the staff by using standard selection strategy of stewardesses, professional training and purchasing new air fleet. That way by increasing the travelers’ satisfaction, a greater share of the world tourism is achieved. However, the results of an internal research have shown a continuous decrease in satisfaction of the passengers from the stewardesses. The stewardesses’ outfit, make up, and unprofessional language has led to systematic internal challenges with the managers in addition, to passenger’ s dissatisfaction. Therefore, the researcher has investigated all available documents related to the only successful scientific project of the country by selecting the method of Grounded Theory (GT) which led to the discovery of the reason of managers’; interference strategy in the last decades in the basis of women identity disobedience. In this article the researcher has studied the procedure of discovery related to the consequence of the organizational managers’; decisions in the basis of women identity disobedience, and hopes it could be noticed by the major strategists of the country.


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