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Journal: حقوق پزشکی
Year:1390 | Volume:5 | Issue:19
Start Page:127 | End Page:167



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 The consumption of drugs and narcotics is threatening all the societies as a serious problem. Bad and destructive effects of the consumption of drugs and drug addiction on the body and soul of the human has increased this concern and has increased this concern and caused the increase of the familial and social insecurity. In the present societies, drugs and narcotics are regarded as the origins of lots of misbehaviors, abnormalities and crimes. When sensitive, effective and important group of the society, i.e. TEENAGERs are targeted by these problems, the importance of the issue and necessity of fighting against this dangerous disaster are multiplied.As in securing the physical and spiritual health, PREVENTION is better than treatment, so we should also admit that to protect social expediencies, the PREVENTION of crime would be better than punishment. Today, PREVENTION in a broad sense includes all criminal and non-criminal measures to abort the causes of the crimes commission.Considering that to prevent from each event, identifying its causing factors and its consequences is necessary, so this paper intends to explain the approaches to the PREVENTION of METHAMPHETAMINE consumption by TEENAGERs by identifying the damages resulted from its usage and the factors causing its usage. Also, regarding the importance and effect of the field research in expressing different issues of this study, 100 male TEENAGERs who were kept in quarantine part of Tehran House of Correction, waiting for their judgments were studied by interviews and filling out questionnaires.METHAMPHETAMINE consumption leads to physical, spiritual, social, economical and professional problems. Biological, personality, spiritual, cultural, social and economical factors have been considered as the instances of the causes of TEENAGERs’ tendency toward METHAMPHETAMINE consumption. But what are very important in legal and social survey are physical problems and the threat against public health and security and social problems including the increase of crimes against people and properties. PREVENTION approaches in two criminal and non-criminal ways are noticed by the criminal policymakers, but it seems that non-criminal approaches focusing on the individual, parents, educational setting, etc are more effective and appropriate for TEENAGERs.


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