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Perfect Man from Qunavi’ s Viewpoint


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 Understanding Man and aspects of his existence have always been appealing to the whole scholars and mystics. One of the mystics who has conducted the study of perfect Man mystically is Qunavi. His characters show that in addition to his profound comprehension of Ibn Arabi’ s intentions, on account of his lofty philosophical and rational strength, he has been able to prove the theoretical mysticism in a consistent and in a scientific and technical structure, and has explained the subject and elements and issues of theoretical mysticism with his dexterity in philosophy and the like, and has attempted to respond to the concerns of a philosopher in mysticism. Like Ibn Arabi, he has never lost his touch with his intuitions, therefore, with his scientific and philosophical strength he could explain observations philosophically and scientifically, matching them with the philosophers’ ideas and then judge them. Just like other mystics, he came to realize that Man is the only Manifestation of the Almighty’ s face so that however He wants He will emerge Man. In his opinion, Man is a combination of soul and body. The Man’ s self has an extensive and solid nature that originality is his. This paper which is conducted in an analytic descriptive way investigates Qunavi’ s philosophical mysticism and seeks to explain the issue that who the perfect Man is from Qunavi’ s perspective and what the characteristics are.


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