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Study the effects of Mycorrhizal fungus on vegetative growth and nutrient uptake in three apple cultivars ('Red delicious', 'Golden delicious' and 'Starking')


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 This study aimed to investigate the effect of Mycorrhizal Fungi on growth characteristics and nutrient uptake in three apple cultivars. Experiment was done as split plot on the basis of randomized complete blocks design in eight replications. The treatments were consisted of four levels of Mycorrhiza (0, 70, 100 and 120 grams per pot) and three cultivars of apples (‘ Red Delicious’ , ‘ Golden Delicious’ and ‘ Starking’ ). Some characteristics consisted of leaf area, leaf number, plant height and diameter, fresh and dry weight of leaves, chlorophyll a and b, phosphorus, nitrogen, zinc and copper were measured. The results showed that the use of Mycorrhizal fungi in the apple growth media, significantly increased plant height, stem diameter, leaf area, leaf number and chlorophyll a and b compared to the control. Inoculation of AM fungi was not significant on leaf N status and decreased leaf P content of apple plantlets but leaf N and P uptake were increased compared to non-inoculated. Application of AM fungi decreased Fe and Zn content of leaves. The highest Fe and Zn leaf uptake was obtained in ‘ Red delicious’ treated by 70 g AMF fertilizer per pot. According to the results, 70 gr Mycorrhizal per pot had more effect to vegetative growth and nutrient uptake of apple plantlets and is advised for apple plantlets.


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