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An Investigation into Locative Predicates in Persian Based on Role and Reference Grammar


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 This paper is concerned with the study of Locative predicates in Persian within the Role and Reference Grammar (RRG) framework and two different analyses presented by Van Valin and LaPolla (1997) and also Boutin (2004). Providing a semantically based classification of mentioned predicates in Persian is one of the objectives of this study. The other objective is testing the efficiency of the two analyses especially Boutin’ s suggestion about Locative predicates in Persian. Boutin (2004) argues that there is discrepancy between semantic and syntactic valency of Locative predicates within the RRG framework, since, they have a semantic valency of two and a syntactic valency of one in a large number of languages. Hence, these predicates have been treated as exceptions in terms of valency correlation. He believes that if the location (one of the arguments of Locative predicates) is treated as a separate predicate, rather than referring expression, then these verbs are intransitive and not exceptions in terms of valency correlation. The findings of the present study reveal that Boutin’ s suggestion (2004) holds true in Persian locative states, achievements, accomplishments and active accomplishments, but not for activities.


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