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Inflectional "-i" morpheme and its use through the history of new persian


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 This research is specifically about the function of inflectional "-i" suffix in New Persian. The objective of the article is to recognize some concepts and changes which are encoded by this morpheme in New Persian. Additionally, it follows up the reason of change or recognition of the linguistic elements. The results suggest that the so-called morpheme is changed in the cases that it was expressing two categories of frequentative aspect and modes, including subjunctive, conditional, optative, and imagined. The alternative sign in the category of aspect is prefix "mi-", which has taken a new frequentative aspect other than imperfect, and because of taking a new grammatical function, the auxiliary of "dɑ ʃ tæ n" is grammaticalized for its primary function, as well. The alternative sign in the category of mood is the abstract form of subjunctive mood, which means that a literal and phonemic function of an affix is titled to an abstract category. The reason of such changes should be found in the process of grammaticalization. That is, through this process, in aspect form "mi-" has taken a new function in addition to its primary one and has become more grammatical, and in mood form, a grammatical category has become more grammatical and more abstract.


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