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Studying the Effect of Roughness on Soil-Geotextile Interaction in Direct Shear Test


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 One of the methods of increasing soil resistance against failure is soil reinforcement using Geosynthetics. Soil-Geosynthetic Interactions are of great importance and are affected by friction and adhesion at their interface. Soil gradation, contact surface Roughness and Geotextile density are among the factors affecting soil-Geotextiles Interaction this study, to investigate the effects of these factors, large-scale Direct shear tests have been conducted using a well and a poorly graded sand at a relative density of 80% reinforced with two Geotextiles having different tensile strengths and mass per unit area. Samples were subjected to normal pressures of 12. 5, 25 and 50kPa and sheared at a rate of 1 mm/min. Geotextile surface Roughness was achieved by gluing two different single sized sand particles. Results show that increasing Geotextile surface Roughness increases shear strength at soil-Geotextile interface. Geotextile tensile strength mobilization is shown to depend on soil grain size at the interface. The coarser and more angular the soil particles, the more effective the soil-reinforcement Interactions. Geotextile tensile strength and its mass per unit area are shown to less important factors.


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