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Strategic Alignment Gap Diagnosis between Information Technology Strategies and the Organizational Strategies in Esfahan Municipality


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 The current paper is trying to study the pathology of Strategic alignment gap between Information Technology strategies and the organizational strategies in the following four areas: 1) Management and leadership through three indices of Governance, partnership and communications management, 2) Applied systems and electronic services using business architecture and applied systems, 3) Technical infrastructure via Information Technology architecture and information systems, 4) Human resources, culture and training through skilled manpower, culture and training. Our sample is composed of 170 managers, supervisors and experts in the 8 different deputies of Esfahan municipality. The required data is gathered through a questionnaire with 0. 996 Chronbach’ s alpha coefficient and considering stratified random sampling method. We have used paired comparison test of the average for our analysis. Our results show that according to managers, supervisors and experts points of view in Esfahan municipality there is an alignment gap in all four mentioned areas, in a way that governance from the first area, applied systems from the second, IT architecture from the third and training from the forth area had the largest alignment gap between all indices.


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