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Effective Improvement Plan of Managers using Spiritual Intelligence and Professional Ethics


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 As entering into third millennium and emphasizing on some factors such as awareness, mentality and freedom, humanism and more attention on human force in organization, global cognition view and anthropology of managers have changed. So organizations are pursuing individuals without partiality and parochialism and believers of Morality and spiritual values. So the aim or this research was to present an" Effective improvement plan of managers using Spiritual Intelligence and Professional Ethics". Statistical sample was 200 individuals selected from 1388 statistical population in secondary schools of Mashhad city. Research methodology was descriptive and survey and correlation type. Data collection instruments were king's Spiritual Intelligence questionnaire, professional ethic questionnaire and Effectiveness questionnaire. Data analysis was done using structural equations and confirmatory factor analysis. The results show that there is a positive and significant relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Professional Ethics with managgers Effectiveness, as Spiritual Intelligence factor has been 0. 65 with 12. 25 significance level as well as professional behavior factor which is 0. 39 with 11. 02 significiance level. Also results of structural model in standard estimation case shows the positive and significant relationship between professional behavior aspects (group activity, loyalty, professional responsibillity, scientific commitment and financial responsibility) and Spiritual Intelligence aspects (critical contemplation, self-meaning generation, awareness extension) with Effectiveness.


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