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Presenting a Sustainable Strategy Production Model by Meta-Synthesis Approaches


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 Manufacturing companies in various industries are under a high pressure to think over a sustainable business which has led to sustainability promotion in external and internal affairs. Evaluation of sustainable production models and recognizing the related indicators are a suitable response to decrease harmful measures in the industrial operations. The target of the present study is to perform a quality analysis on the results of previous studies in the field of the strategy sustainable production. so, with applying Meta-Synthesis method, 33 articles were evaluated. Before coding the texts, the documents were filtered by CASP methodology and 228 reference codes (indicators) were recognized. It should be noted that the frequency of some of the identified codes are different. From this point of view, considering the frequency factor, totally 714 codes were extracted with abundance. Among the identified codes, the social dimension (category) with 82 reference codes and 217 abundance was identified as one of the most important dimension. in the study, one of the innovations is identifying indicators and dimensions of a strategy sustainable production, which were obtained from Meta-Synthesis quality research method.


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