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The Nathral Symbols In resistance Moein Bseiso’ s Poems


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 One of the most prominent meanings of resistance and consistency in Palestine’ s poem is symbolism. Under using the symbolic words. To reflect the realities of society and its occupied territories in the light of his symbolic vocabulary poems, poet directs it from single semantic status to the poly semantic ones, thus it causes different readings of texts and reflecting on poetic meaning and concept on addressee. Moein Bseiso is including poets who have comprehensive scope’ s epical thoughts in his lyrics. By artistic use of natural symbols, he has been able to promote the oppression fighting’ s culture and plays an important role in oppressed Palestinians’ awakening and endeavoring. The present article is to analyze the samples of natural symbols in Moein Bseiso’ s Epic songs by descriptive-analytical method and then by their semantic implications, he unveils the poet’ s initiative rate in symbolizing. The findings show that natural symbols in his poetry reflects the components of sustainability, anti-colonialism, heroism, hope to bright future and away from oppression for the occupied Palestinian territory.


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