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 The collapse of Soviet Union of Russia created a gap which it caused the collapse of bipolar system in the world. By this universal renovation the united sates governors claimed by congest and resignation of one of two super powers, the world leadership will be leaded by them. The USA tired to be the main performing role in settling and solving international crises and conflicts in order to catch the highest unlimited benefits and usage from those days international situation in a way that it introduce and nominated itself as the only Superpower of the world. The attempts and attacks upon the united states on September 11, 2001 and it created a historical opportunity for the United States to accelerate this process in the name “ War on Terrorism “ and to bring to an end this process. The United States return to the Middle East was the beginning of its Neo-colonization project in twenty one century and it settled in different methods such as proposing “The Big Middle East“ project, expanding the military bases and confederations, expanding and improving NATO to East, performing apparent benevolent programs in Africa and influencing on international public ideas and opinion politically and culturally. In this research by applying descriptive and analytical methods, the answer to this question is important that what is the basic difference between Neo-colonization, neo TERRITORY and TERRITORY in twenty one century? Conclusion on this survey shows that by ending the Twenty century and beginning of twenty one century, it was only the United States who claimed to be the universal superpower and assuming ownership of whole world. Usage of current military methods such the ones performed in Iraq and Afghanistan show and emphasize that in twenty one century, applying traditional methods of TERRITORY and occupying TERRITORY still is common but the most common method of TERRITORY is Economical and cultural TERRITORY which it has been named as Globalization.


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