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Analysis of Conservatism “ moderate Islamism” Reflected in the Policies of Erdogan (Based on the Theory of Constructivism)


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  Turkey is a country which is having a contradictory identity and it is conservative too. The reason is that on the one hand Sufi Islam is dominating her and on the other hand she propagates Western values and tries to be close to the West. During the past decade, Erdogan who is leading Justice and Development Party (AKP) has tried to keep satisfied the Western countries and Turkish Muslim people who constitute 98% of Turkish population. It seems that he is inclined both to West and Islam. This can be seen in his performance and decisions. For instance he abolishes the ban on Hijab in government offices and on the other hand he maintains alliances with West and Israel against Syria. It can be said that although these dual and conservative policies have not created serious problem for his government and even he has won the presidential elections, yet in the long run this paradox cannot last long because this contradictory identity and non-fulfillment of the majority of Turkey's population expectations will disappoint them and Erdogan cannot keep his hold on power for good.


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