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China Silk Road Initiative, Goals and Obstacles


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 The purpose of this paper is to analyze the various dimensions of the Silk Road Initiative and to reveal its objectives, opportunities and barriers. In this regard, the main question of the paper is that the Silk Road Initiative was designed as the most important China strategy in the 21st Century to achieve its goals. It should be noted that the Silk Road is the largest initiative ever announced by a country in the world. This initiative covers sixty-five different countries in the world and costs about $ 4 trillion in 900 different projects. In addition, the plan has dimensions, objectives, and economic, political and security objectives. In this regard, in response to the above question, the hypothesis of the article is that the ultimate goal of China is to operate the Silk Road Initiative to provide the economic, political and security contexts necessary for becoming a regional and global hegemony. However, it seems that the plan faces serious barriers and challenges, and ultimately China goals will not be maximized. The present article intends to discuss the question and hypothesis along with the goals, opportunities and obstacle of the project in three sections and in a descriptive-analytical way.


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