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Participatory Appraisal of Water Users’ Cooperatives (WUCs) Peformance towards Irrigation Management of the Orchards Development Plan (Case Study: Tefin and Palangan Cooperatives in the Province of Kurdistan)


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Water users’cooperative (WUCs)Q2


 The purpose of this study was to investigate the Socio-economic impacts and analyze the internal and external factors affecting the performance of water users’ cooperatives (WUCs) in the province of Kurdistan. Therefore, Tefin and Palangan cooperatives in the Sarvabad and Kamyaran Townships were studied using the qualitative methods and Participatory rural appraisal (PRA). Due to the nature of this research, the sampling method was purposeful and non-probability. Thus, the data were collected by brain storming and focus group interviews until they had reached theoretical saturation point. The conventional coding was used in the data analysis for frequency measurement of the words and phrases, and a coherent summarization of information. Aslo the other part of the analysis was done using the SWOT model. Results show upon the member’ s viewpoint the main problem was the lack of adequate and continuous supervision on cooperatives from responsible authorities. The most important effects of cooperatives was change the land use system from farming to horticulture, new irrigation networks development, and access to modern technologies. Generally cooperatives’ economic and social performance was assessed poor and average level, respectively. Also, based on the SWOT model, 15 point of strength and opportunity as advantages and 20 point of weakness and threats as limitations were identified in the irrigation network management of orchards development plan, and 10 strategies have been presented to improve the current situation of the cooperatives. The results of this research can be used by policy-makers and irrigtorists to reduce the recurring of such problems in design and implementation of the similar projects.


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