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Investigate the Basic Competencies of Educational Administration Graduates and Assessing its Effectiveness in Tehran Public Universities


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 The aim of the current exploratory mixed methods research was to investigate Basic Competencies of the Graduates of Educational Administration. In the qualitative phase, population was consisted of all the Educational Administration experts. With purposeful sampling and snowball sampling, 15 Graduates and professors of Educational Administration were interviewed. In the quality phase, data were gathered using semi-structured and deep interviews. The results of content analysis and coding of interviews revealed 40 indicators and 5 dimensions including psychological traits, professional ethics, human relationships, English language skills and ICT literacy. In the quantitative phase, the statistical population was included all the Educational Administration Graduates at Tehran Public Universities, who 126 Graduates were selected by convenience sampling. Using the identified indicators and dimensions, a valid and reliable questionnaire was developed as Basic Competencies questionnaire. In the qualitative part, the data of the research were analyzed using exploratory factor analysis, one sample t-test, ANOVA and independent-samples t-test. First, by implementing exploratory factor analysis, indicators were decreased into 37 indicators and 5 factors (psychological traits, professional ethics, human relationships, English language skills and ICT literacy) were identified. Then, the results show that the English language skills were below-average people, and the psychological traits, professional ethics, human relationships and ICT literacy were higher than the hypothetical average of the research. The results of analysis of variance didn’ t show a meaningful difference in terms of the Basic Competencies among Graduates of Public Universities of Tehran. Furthermore, there were no differences in the Basic Competencies level of five dimensions among the male and female Graduates.


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