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Gradual training and interaction between Molana and Imam Mohammad Ghazali


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 Interaction between wise and learned people, in expressing their thoughts and beliefs, has been always one of the favorite cases for researchers. Since that Imam Mohammad Ghazali and Molana, in terms of time and historical events are similar to each other in their lives, in this article, by the method of discourse analysis, we try to discuss about some of these topics that are raised in the works of Ghazali (relying on 'Kimiyay-e Sa’ adat' and Ehya-e Oloom ed-Din and Molana (relying on Masnavi Ma’ navi' and Divan-e Kabir) in terms of education and principles that these two great thinkers have mentioned, and this question that whether Molana has been affected by Ghazali in expressing his thoughts and beliefs or not, will be answered. The results show that Molavi in expressing most of his thoughts and beliefs on educational problems like observing encouragement and punishment, creating motivation, contemplation in intrinsic dimension, providing the condition of repentance, reliance and avoiding committing sin, has been affected by Ghazali, so that it can be said some of Molavi's beliefs are the translation of Ghazali's thoughts.


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