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The effect of different intensities of grazing on soil chemical properties


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 This study aimed to investigate the effect of different intensities of Grazing on Soil chemical properties on Gonbad paired basins-Hamadan. The objective of this research was to characterize the impact of sheep Grazing intensity on Soil chemical behavior on mountainous in Hamadan Rangelands (Gonbad paired basins). Grazing intensity was classified as light, moderate and heavy, then the Soil samples from the three depths of 0-10, 10-20 and 20-30 cm were collected. The Soil data was analyzed via SPSS (ANOVA). Results showed that the Soil OC, total N content and organic matter decreased significantly with Grazing intensity and they were greatest at the surface and decreased with depth. The amount of Calcium and Magnesium won't be affected by Grazing intensity. The decreases in Soil OC suggest Carbon storage in the Soil of grassland declined as Grazing intensity increased. Combined with the decreases in Soil TN content, this also means heavy Grazing could lead to decreases in Soil quality and fertility. Uneven Grazing intensity is an inherent feature of a season long-Grazing system and there are risks to avoid quality and environmental health.


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