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Liberal's Explanation of the "Islamic Revolution" and its Critique


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 This this study explains "The Islamic revolution of Iran" from Liberals viewpoint. This study refers to the characteristics of the Iranian revolution and the introduction of successful various factors from Liberals' viewpoint, that continues by introducing opposition groups. Including Liberals seriously believe that the direct impact of secular nationalist and leftist groups opposed to the king and the Pahlavi Regime's overthrow. In adition, in the Liberal writers viewpoint it is Important to know the impact of Carter's human rights policy and creation political openness look in the revolution, on the one hand to speed up and facilitate the revolutionary struggle against the king regime and On the other hand to follow the confusion king against the democratic government of USA. Also The role of the King in the rush and indulge in modernization and lack of prudence in spending high oil revenues and uneven development, all part including of Liberals viewpoints are in explain the causes of the victory of the islamic revolution in Iran. Furthermore this article studies other points that has been proposed about imprudence king and, or induce rejection of his violence in Iran from Liberals' viewpoint, including; non-use of force and violence by the king to suppress opponents of the regime. America's role as ambiguous and problematic points in the analysis of the Islamic Revolution, which in this study is checked separately from Liberals' viewpoint. Also some points has been proposed from double-dealing politics of state and political system of USA in the face of revolutionists and general support or don't support by king regime that was analysts disagree and various researchers. Also at the end of the study, meantime adding up general viewpoint of Liberals to "Islamic revolution of Iran", some their views have been criticized and other some of the claims and their ambiguities have been answered.


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