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Ranking counteract options against cost effects of removing energy subsidy by broiler farmers in Iran


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 Low energy efficiency has always been a problem in production of livestock products in Iran. In order to improve energy efficiency, the government implemented the first phase of elimination of energy carriers' subsidy in 2010 followed by the second phase in 2013. The program has affected the livestock and poultry production that has a large share of energy consumption in Iranian agriculture sector. Following by the scheme, measures such as switching production systems and improving Productivity have been taken by the manufacturers of these products to reduce production costs resulting from the implementation of the program. In this study, alternatives for changing economic Productivity of poultry based on socio-cultural and environmental issues were rated using AHP method. The result showed that, according to experts of broiler production, isolation with modern ventilation systems and modern ventilation system by intelligent controllers are graded first and second based on economic, socio-cultural and environmental criteria. Creation of appropriate infrastructures, making poultry producers familiar with proper insulation and ventilation systems that are appropriate for climatic conditions are recommended.


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