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The Effect of Eucalyptus Essence Inhalation on Pulmonary Function During One bout of a Submaximal exercise in Young Girls


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 Background: Respiratory function is very important for athletes and can have an impact on physical performance. Inhaling aromatic essential oils can also improve physical performance by influencing Pulmonary function. Objective: Hence, the current study has been done with the purpose of investigating the effect of Eucalyptus essence inhalation on Pulmonary function during one bout of a submaximal exercise. Methods: In a semi experimental experiment which was done in the gym of Azad university of Karaj at the month of Khorad of the year 1394, 12 healthy and active girl students of physical education (with the age of 25-30, weight 48-80, 159-180 cm tall) were choosen. The processes of this study included the Eucalyptus essence and placebo inhalation. The effect of Eucalyptus inhaltion was invesigated on Pulmonary function varaibles, blood pressure, leg muscle pain and the time to exhustion. Results: In the comparision of pretests with post tests, the Eucalyptus inhlation caused the significant difference in active pulmonary volumes and systolic blood pressure (P=0. 000) and distolic pressure (P=0. 000), and the placebo was effectless. In the comparision of eucalyptus with placebo no significant difference was found in systolic blood pressure (P=0. 139) but was found in the diastolic pressure (P=0. 000). The effect of eucalyptus was significant (P=0. 011) on the time to exhaust in comparision with the placebo. A significant difference was found between placebo and eucalyptus inhalation on the leg muscles pain level in 30 minutes and 24 hours after the activity (P=0. 002). Conclusion: It seems the Eucalyptus essence inhalation can have beneficial effects on Pulmonary function, blood pressure reduction, increasing the time to exhust and mucels pain and cramps relief.


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