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 Nature is the origin of inspiration both from the aspects of BEAUTY and structure. On the other hand a good architecture could have the best relationship with NATURE in the forming of its physical existence. For example, one of the most essential factors in design of today is paying attention to environment and NATURE that is neglected. So eventually, the architecture doesn't have enough harmony with its surrounding.Involving NATURE in art and architecture has always been crucial for artists and architects. The use of natural patterns, in contemporary architecture, is one of the newest ways in ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN. Since our contemporary world has been separated from NATURE, the use of natural features and the return into NATURE is one of the methods which causes humans to understand their mistakes and try to be more inline with NATURE.This article is an academic research which tries to answer the question that if superficial imitation brings BEAUTY for architecture or not. If the answer is negative, how can we design a beautiful and FUNCTIONal architecture? What method is used by NATURE in this context? To answer these questions, at first we are looking for the meaning of BEAUTY in NATURE by archival research. In this part we will describe how BEAUTY is in NATURE and we will define the meaning of the new theory of Intelligent Design (known as ID). In continuation, we will understand that natural BEAUTY has existed from the beginning of the creation of every phenomenon. Then, we will explain the meaning of pattern in ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN and its relationship with BEAUTY. We also will introduce different kinds of patterns in NATURE. These patterns can be classified into three fundamental archetypes which are: Modular aggregation according to a regular grid, Radial division of a circular unit in polygons and linear continuity of spirals as regular growth of forms. Then we will interpret various ways which we can learn from NATURE in designing. Furthermore, we will study some buildings in which both NATURE and FUNCTION are cared at the same time in their design. At last, we will discuss several ways that we have learned from NATURE for designing. One of the most important methods in this field is finding-form which was used by Antonio Gaudi for the first time and another architect-Frei Otto- who completed the process of it. In addition, this method can also be used as a natural system factor. Moreover, the suitable way for using pattern of NATURE from aesthetics view will be expressed on the basis of logical argumentation method.The result of the study shows that in the design process, FUNCTIONal responses provide the BEAUTY in design. The BEAUTY in natural objects does not have to be designed separably. It is an emergent property of natural form. On the basis of ID theory, there is an intelligence beyond all the phenomena which we cannot separate BEAUTY and FUNCTION from each other. Also paying attention to the organisms' factors can lead to sustainability.



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