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Journal: هویت شهر
Year:1393 | Volume:8 | Issue:19
Start Page:19 | End Page:34



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 With no doubt, all existing elements in the universe are subject to movement, transition, and change. All these changes should lead to PERFECTION and elevation in a logical way. Cities, as the place of human life and activities are not an exception. Thus, responding to the following basic questions is the main aim of this article: - How does evolution of the city lead towards PERFECTION.- Who are playing role in leading a city toward PERFECTION.- What are the definitions and model of PERFECTION? In other words, what are the attributes of the ideal model of a city.- Can a unique pattern be used for different cities?This article endeavors to compile the main attributes of the holy city of MASHHAD (an outstanding example) considering these questions and issues without prejudice, and attempts to eliminate all current ideas on historical urban texture. Compilation of this city’s PERFECTION features derived from the Islamic texts, will offer some strategies for developing the historical texture of this sacred city. These achievements can be a base for further studies of other cities of Iran.Indeed, attracting experts’ (including urban designers, planners and managers) attention to the following issues is the main goal and achievement of the research from which guidelines for the future of the city are derived from: - Introducing the main stages of the process from which human vestiges, as well as cities appear (are produced and developed). The first stage of the process is named thinking space, which is related to the human mind. The second one is act area and the last one is human products. “Philosophy of life” is the name selected for the thinking space, “Culture” is the space of man’s acts and activities from which the last one, “civilization”, as the collection of man-made products results from.- Explanation of the relationship and dependence between people’s IDENTITY and the IDENTITY of their products, as well as the IDENTITY of the city and its people.- Emphasizing the importance of compiling a specific theoretical foundation for every city.- Expression of distinct attributes and characteristics of sacred places as well as ceremonies performed in these places, in different religions and cultures. Based on these attributes and characteristics, every sacred place and its surrounding urban areas require a specific plan and design.- Considering this important fact that the people who come to MASHHAD are mostly pilgrims, not tourists; and there is an essential difference between pilgrims and tourists, especially in Islamic culture. As facilities for these two groups (pilgrims and tourists) are different, MASHHAD, and especially its central area (around the holy shrine of Imam RezaA) requires a specific design and plan in response to the pilgrims’ needs.- Paying serious attention to the priority of spiritual issues rather than material and corporeal ones;- Emphasizing the collection of theoretical bases for conservation, renovation, rehabilitation and DEVELOPMENT of sacred places and their surrounding urban texture based on the fundamental principles according to which the place has been recognized as a sacred place is the main conclusion of the article.


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