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Journal: هویت شهر
Year:1390 | Volume:5 | Issue:8
Start Page:39 | End Page:46



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 This research is based on explaining CRITERIA effects on contemporary architectural publications in Iran and arguing that if there has be no criticism, there would be no real value specified for artistic work and if transition process of art has not been argued, culture and art would stagnate.Therefore regarding to the importance of architectural CRITERIA as a social necessity and a leading subject to an important development of the society itself, including both artists and their supporters, it is a minor factor to improve them both.At this point of view, showing interest in architectural criticism as a multidimensional artwork-expressed by art, technique, culture, society and function, it is a basic indispensable need for every society.In contemporary architectural history, there have been many struggles by architects and critics due to develop this issue which has been led to an appearance of new styles and methods in CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE and philosophy.For instance Le Corbusier in his monograph named "toward architecture" criticizes classical architecture and demonstrates a draft on modern architectural standards and indexes. Furthermore Robert Ventury in his monograph named "complexity and contrast in architecture" while criticizing modern architectural principles, he clarifies standards and indexes for postmodern architecture. On the other hand, an architectural criterion is a missing subject in the literature of Iranian CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE and it seems that there have been not adequate researches made on this subject.This research has been concentrated on this question that what the effects of CRITERIA are in contemporary architectural publications in Iran. The considerable theory is that CRITERIA have had a limited impact on the establishment of Iranian CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE and this had led to a decrease of architectural quality.Therefore the analysis of content is made on architectural criticisms in related publications during 1946-2001 by studying qualitative information in this research. Making an efficient selection of essays for a proper use specially the classification of architectural publications had been seemed necessary in this research.At last eleven publications which are mentioned as followed had been chosen for analyzing: 1.Architect publication (1946) 2.New architecture publication (1960) 3.Art and architecture publication (1968) 4. Architecture and urban planning publication (1989) 5. Soffe publication (1990) 6. Fine arts publication (1995) 7. Abadi publication (1996) 8.Architect publication (1998) 9.Ravagh publication (1998) 10.Architecture and culture (1999) 11.Iran architecture publications (2000).At the end all mentioned reviews (240 editions) were studied and essays which were based on contemporary architectural criticism have been selected.This research is mainly based on an especial study that is related to interpretational, fundamental and deductive approach with an conclusive argument which is based on experimental accomplishment in cooperation with the pre-research theory and with analytic method support and finally has led to a CONTENT ANALYSIS which has been made in a specific period of time.As a conclusion and relying on statistics which has been extracted from IRANIAN ARCHITECTURAL PUBLICATIONS, it seems that criticism has a very low effect on leading Iranian CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE toward furtherance and their slants.



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