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Graphical analysis of grain yield and its components in some bread wheat cultivars by diallel-Hayman method


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 In order to graphical analysis and estimation of Genetic parameters for yield and its components, a oneway diallel cross was applied with seven bread wheat genotypes. In this study, 21 hybrids along with their parents were evaluated in a randomized complete block design with three replications. The results of variance analysis showed significant difference among genotypes for plant height, peduncle length, spike length, the number of seeds per plant, plant grain yield, and 1000-grain weight. The results of Jinks and Hayman primary test showed that assumptions for the number of seed per plants and plan grain yield were authentic, but it was true for spike length, peduncle length, and 1000-grain weight after eliminating one parent and for plant height by eliminating two parents. The results of Hayman analysis showed the role of additive and non-additive effects of genes on the control of traits. Maximum and minimum of narrow-sense heritability were obtained for plant height (0. 47) and the number of seeds per plant (0. 21), respectively. According to the average degree of dominance and the results of the graphical analysis, the gene action for grain yield and plant height was additive effects, while it was over-dominance for peduncle length, the number of seeds per plant, spike length and 1000-grain weight.


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