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Analysing agricultural products Import Pattern in Iran with the emphasis on unstability of exchange rate (Using VECM and EGARCH methods)


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 The increasing demand of agricultural commodities as well as weak management of resources has resulted in the country in order to satisfy domestic needs, a large part of the income is spent on the import of these goods. So, in order to better managing the import of agricultural products and identifying the necessary tools to control the indiscriminate importation of these products, in this study, the pattern of imports of agricultural products (wheat, barley, corn, sugar, rice, chicken meat, meat, egg and oilseed) analyzed and evaluated, for the period 1983-2011. The results show that the price policy on imports of egg products, chicken, wheat, due to mainly impact, has the higher importance. So, import tariff on wheat, meat, and barley, as an instrument of trade policy, is very important. The study also shows that the impact of currency fluctuations in the number products is positive (meat) and in some crops (sugar) is negative. Therefore, to efficiently manage on agricultural products imports, supporting local producers and food security through food availability in the country, the appropriate policy instruments to keep pace with current trade policies, should be used.


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