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Comparison Between Copper Sulfate and Copper Nano Particles on Dyeing Properties of Cotton Fabric With Direct Dye


Nourbakhsh sh. | IRANFAR SH.


 Start Page 239 | End Page 244


 Metal salts such as copper not only cause a variety of colors in dyeing, but also improve wash and Light fastnesses of Direct dyes. Copper sulfate and copper nano-particles are used as disinfectant against fungal and bacterial infections. In this paper, Cotton fabric was dyed with Direct dye, then Copper sulfate and copper nano-particles were used on dyed fabrics. The color characteristics of the samples, light and wash fastnesses were measured. Atomic absorption analysis was taken to measure the amount of copper ions, and antibacterial test was carried out for antibacterial properties of nano-copper and Copper sulfate impregnated samples. Nano-copper resulted neighboring properties to Copper sulfate in lower concentrations. So that a concentration of 1% Copper sulfate showed close results to concentration 0. 0001 % of the Copper nano particles. The results showed that at higher concentrations up to 1% Copper sulfate and 0. 0001 % for nano copper, color yield was constant and wash-fastness was reduced. Light fastness indicated reducing color yield after exposure to light. However, at higher concentrations, better Light fastness was observed that appear with increasing concentration, Light fastness will be improved. J. Color Sci. Tech. 11(2018), 239-244© . Institute for Color Science and Technology.


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