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Assessment of IHACRES Model in Surface Run-off Simulation in Climate Change Status (Case Study: Kan Basin)


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 Attention to the Suspended sediment issue is a fundamental subject in the regional and strategic programming. In the other hand, lack of proper database of this phenomenon has been causing serious problems. By developing of the societies, increasing pressure to the natural resources, causing more Flooding events and sediment removal in the near future is expected. Therefore trying to enhance sediment databases is essential. In the present study, in order to enhance sediment database in hydrometric stations of Iran, optical Suspended sediment estimator was constructed and calibrated in the laboratory and also in the field conditions. Laboratory calibration was carried out in two stages including, high and low sediment yield flows. Validation curves drawn for this process, represents a very good correlation between the actual and the estimated Suspended sediment data. The R2 statistic for low and high sediment concentration is 0. 995 and 0. 98 respectively. The field validation test of device was carried out in Mehriz River in the Yazd province of Iran, and indicated the appropriate performance of this instrument.


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