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Determination the Factors Affecting on Effectiveness of Floodwater Spreading Plans


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 For the last four decades, different Artificial Recharge methods have been implemented in Iran and in the nearly two decades attention was paid to floodwater spreading method. Generally, the implementation of civil projects with specific goals associated with positive and negative consequences. Floodwater spreading projects are not the exception to this general rule and may have undesirable effects. This study seeks to identify factors that have positive or negative effects on the floodwater spreading projects so eventually lead to success or Failure of them. Also, the impact of factors on the performance of artificial groundwater feeding will be discussed. The present study indeed is a retrospective study that has attempted to identify the important factors with the assistant of experts and researchers. The experts participated in the poll based on their Experiences. Due to our Experiences, more than 50 researchers participated in the survey. The results showed that according to circumstances prevailing in the country, 17 factors or Criteria have very important role in the success of projects. By using inductive method, the seven Criteria were identified as the main Criteria.


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