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Design and evaluation of the performance of local exhaust hood on the welding torch


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 Background and aims: Threats against welders' health due to exposure to welding fume is an important issue; thus, controlling and examining effective exhaust of fumes are necesary. In this study, was evaluated prototype operation of Local exhaust ventilation on-gun in bench scale. Methods: Duct velocity average was determined using traverse points method and calculated flow rate by hood using ACGIH standard method. Also capture velocity close in contaminant source (Arc Point) was measured using thermal anemometer. Then, in order to determine total particles concentration and capture efficiency created by system NIOSH 7200 standard method was used. Results: Duct velocity average and created flow rate by evaluated system were 6296. 1± 92. 50 fpm and 34. 06± 0/50 scfm, respectively. Also, capture velocity in close of the weld point was obtained 140 fpm. Sampling results for averaged total particles concentration in off and on positions of system were 75± 7 mg/m3 and 16. 7± 4 mg/m3, respectively. As a result, 77% containment efficiency was achieved by this system. Conclusion: The Local exhaust ventilation used in this study was a low cost prototype and according to the acheived results, it leads to reduce total particles concentration (T. P) in breathing zone aproximately to 22%.


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