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Hospital Resource Wastage in Health Transformation Plan in Iran, and Cost Containment Approaches in the Field of Hospital Information and Medical Records


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 Introduction: Defect of hospital information systems leads to decrease income in public hospitals, such that more than 30% of the services provided are not reimbursement. The purpose of this article was to identify hospital resources wastages in health transformation plan (HTP) in Iran, and how to avoid the waste of resources and cost-containment approaches in the field of health information and medical record. Methods: The present original research was a kind of content analysis and applied studies. In order to identify hospital resources wastage and cost-control approaches, PubMed, Irandoc, Scientific Information Database (SID), Google Scholar, and Magiran databases were searched using the keywords of Information, Records, Cost and Cost Control, health transformation plan, and related articles were extracted. Nominal group technique was used to confirm and categorize wastage, and a focused group discussion was used to confirm the approaches. Results: The most considerable resource wastage factors in the field of medical information and records were duplicate and inconsistent administrative requirements, dispersion of patient information, and increase the insurance deductions; and the most important cost-containment approaches included mapping the right route of data from hospital to Ministry of Health, creating standard software for validation and claim status, setting up a notification system with patient-centered patient programs, and reducing the insurance deductions. Conclusion: Medical Records and hospital information are the basis of all evidence-based decisions. Since today's financial management is much more important than before, also due to resource constraints, it seems that it is possible through reducing costs by eliminating or reducing waste of resources.


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