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Analysis of New Transformerless dc-dc Converter With High Voltage Gain


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 In some industries applications such as Fuel cells, we must use a high voltage gain dc-dc converters for increasing voltage, but, the conventional converters cannot provide the high voltage gain with increasing duty cycle and the converters efficiency is limited by the equivalent series resistances. For this reason, in this paper, a single switch transformerless high step-up dc-dc converter with reduced voltage stress on the semiconductors is proposed. The proposed converter voltage gain is higher than the conventional converters. In this converter, the power switch voltage stress is low which allows to choose lower voltage rating MOSFETs to reduce both switching and conduction losses and Low voltage stress on the diodes allows the use of Schottky rectifiers for alleviating the reverse-recovery current. The proposed converter can be operated in the continuous conduction mode (CCM) and the discontinuous conduction mode (DCM). In this paper, different operation modes of the proposed converter, calculation of the voltage gain, the currents that flow through the components and efficiency are presented. To verify the operation of the proposed converter, simulation results via PSCAD software are provided.


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