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Journal: پژوهش نفت
Year:1395 | Volume:26 | Issue:88
Start Page:174 | End Page:187



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Effect of Capillary Number and Non-Darcy Flow on Gas Condensate Reservoirs Performance: A Case Study in South-Pars Gas Condensate Field


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 Formation of condensates around the wellbore in gas Condensate Reservoirs reduces the efficiency of well performance, and it can be intensified depending on the fluid type, reservoir and well properties. Adequate and appropriate information can be helpful for accurate modelling of gas Condensate Reservoirs. Disregarding the dependence of gas-oil Relative Permeability on Capillary Number and high the velocity flow (Non-Darcy Flow) may cause miscalculations and poor estimations in gas Condensate Reservoirs. In this paper, a sector model of South-Pars gas condensate field located in the Persian Gulf was simulated using ECLIPSE-300, and the effect of the Capillary Number and Non-Darcy Flow on cumulative condensate production and condensate formation near the wellbore and in the reservoir were investigated. Obtained results reveal that production increases as the bottom-hole pressure decreases and/or the production flow rate increases; however, more pressure drop and condensate blockage were occurred. Thus, bottom-hole pressure and the production flow rate should be optimized for efficient production. In addition, taking into account the effect of the Capillary Number on Relative Permeability decreases condensate formation near the wellbore and in the reservoir. Non-Darcy Flow increases pressure drop, resulting in more condensate blockage near the wellbore. Ignoring the effect of the Capillary Number and Non-Darcy Flow in Simulation process will strongly affect the accurate prediction of well performance in gas Condensate Reservoirs.


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