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Quantitative evaluation of habitat and dead tree abundance in the oriental beech (Fagus orientalis Lipsky) stands, case study from the Siahkal Forests


Sefidi K.


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 In order to maintain Biodiversity in the integrated management of forest ecosystems, there is a need for basic information on habitat trees. Regarding the challenges in assessing the level of animal diversity in forest ecosystems, the status of habitat trees can indicate the level of species diversity. This research was conducted to evaluate the abundance of different forms of habitat and dead trees within oriental beech (Fagus orientalis Lipsky) stands in eastern Gilan. Three one-hectare study area were selected in the Shirgalayeh forest management plan area and in each area the characteristics of all living, dead and habitat trees were measured. The mean of dead volume was 43 cubic meters per hectare. More than half of the dead volume were recorded log form and advanced stages of decay. A total of 81 trees with a sign of microhabitat equal to 15. 4 percent of the total trees were recorded. Beech trees with cavities (n = 29, 35. 8%) was the most frequent habitat trees after that cracks and Fruitbodies of saproxylic fungi were the most frequent habitat tree, respectively. The minimum diameter and perimeter for habitat trees were 35 and 110 cm, respectively. Based on the results of this research, it is recommended that at least 15% of the total trees with a diameter of at least 40 cm (especially trees larger than 150 cm) should be selected and maintained in the forests stands. According to this fact that some types of habitat trees, such as hollow trees or trees with outgrowth (Burr) created in the long term, need to be given sufficient attention to keep them in compare with renewable habitats such as cavities.


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