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Land use change effects on some soil physical properties (Case study: Baft city of Kerman province)




 This research was aimed to investigate the effects of land use change on some soil physical properties. Six sites with similar ecological conditions including ungrazed site (UG), heavily grazed site (HG), moderately grazed site (MG), plowed Glycyrrhiza glabra site (Gl T), dry farming site (D), and fallow site (F) were selected in Jamalabad region of Baft city. The study was conducted in a randomized complete block design with six replications in 2013. Soil sampling was performed in the study sites and soil physical properties were measured. The results showed that a continuous plowing in Gl T site (plowed every 3-4 years) had no negative impact on soil erodibility; however, if plowing is repeated every year consecutively (the dry farming site), the harmful effects of plowing on soil erodibility will appear and remain on soil along time. The rangelands under grazing management (moderate grazing) significantly reduced the soil erodibility, compared to heavily grazed site; however, there was no significant difference between ungrazed and moderately grazed sites. The bulk density increased in the heavily grazed site (0. 35 gr/cm3) compared to moderately grazed and ungrazed sites and there was no significant difference between ungrazed and moderately grazed sites. According to the obtained results, rangeland conservation and moderate grazing strategy are recommended to be applied by the natural resources agencies.


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