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Journal:   JOURNAL OF HISTORICAL RESEARCHES OF IRAN AND ISLAM   fall 2018-winter 2019 , Volume 12 , Number 23 ; Page(s) 127 To 152.

East of Iran in World War II: Crossing the Polish Immigrants

Author(s):  sahebkaran masoomeh, MORADI MASOUD
The history of the colonial powers, especially Britain and Russia, in eastern Iran dates back to the years before the First World War and their rivalry over the issue of India, but in World War II, again, Iran, especially the eastern regions, is the focus of great powers. In the course of the war, with the intensification and change of the equations, and despite the impartiality of Iran, parts of this land were occupied by the forces of the Allies. The first operation of the East of Iran for the Allies was to use the bordering roads of the region to supply the Soviets with supplies and weapons. On the other hand, the Second World War led to the forced displacement of a large number of Poles. Considering that parts of Poland were simultaneously invaded by Germany and the Soviet Union, a large number of these displaced persons, by the Russians to Central Asia, and thus They were taken to Iran. The entry of some of them into Iran came from the eastern borders and, according to the agreements between the Allies and Iran, they were provided with assistance from the frontiers of war following the arrest and treatment of their turbulent state mainly by the British. This study seeks to examine the political and social conditions of the Second World War in eastern Iran and how the Poles arrived in the region.
Keyword(s): World War II,Allies,Soviet Union,Eastern Iran,Polish immigrants
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