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Journal:   JOURNAL OF HISTORICAL RESEARCHES OF IRAN AND ISLAM   fall 2018-winter 2019 , Volume 12 , Number 23 ; Page(s) 105 To 125.

Consolidation and development of the Khwarazmshahi state at the Atsiz period (521-551 AH)

Khwā razmshā hid dynasty were based with appointment of Qotb-al-din mohammad. B. Anū shtegin on position of Khwā razmshā h, in late of 5th century(A. H), but real installation of dynasty were be holden to cheerful bustles of the second Khwā razmshā h or Atsiz. B. mohamad. The evevnts wre been took place in all round of seljuqi territory, that overrided seljuqi authority and prepared to developed Khwā razmshā hi authority, at simultaneous with accession of Atsiz in the third decades of 6th century(A. H). On the other hand, it was been perpared to indepentism of Atsiz with independential tendencies of Khwā razians and extensiveplying of newly converted tibes of Qipchā q to there, that were could been exercised as a confident army. He, was having special characteristic, took advantage of provided preparations. The attempt is made here to identify thepreparations of of khwarazmshahian power, during Atsiz rule, and his bustles in thisregard with an emphasis on the affecting factors.
Keyword(s): Khwā,razmshā,hids,Khwā,razm,Atsiz,Seljuqides,Sanjar,Transoxiana,Qipchā,qs
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