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Journal:   JOURNAL OF HISTORICAL RESEARCHES OF IRAN AND ISLAM   spring-summer 2018 , Volume 12 , Number 22 ; Page(s) 199 To 228.

The reflection of social and political atmosphere of Dolatabadi's life in in the Histography of Tā riḵ-e jahā ngoš ā-ye nā deri

Author(s):  NASERI AKRAM, sarafrazi abaas, ALIZADEH BIRJANDI ZAHRA
Jahangusha-i Naderi is written by Mirza Mehdi Khan Astarabadi and is one of the most important refrences in histography of Afshariye era. The present qualitative study tries to show the social political reflection of writer's life via studying his methods and indices of writing the book. Paying attention to the historian's insight and method is a necessary matter in history clerkship and history criticism area. Insight and method are two unseparatable and related topics in history clerkship. Knowing the historian and his historic work are the first things to know his times and to derstand the historic passages in each period, being familiar with the insight and the method elements of them are necessary. The present writing is allocated to study the Mirza Mehdi Khan-e Astarabadi insight and method, who is the Tā riḵ-e jahā ngoš ā-ye nā deri writer, based on descriptive-analytic method. The historic writing, jahā ngoš ā-ye nā deri, is one of the history clerkship sources of Afshariyeh's dynasty. To search deeply about Astarabadi insight in this writing, the effective tendencies and believes of the historian are discussed in different basises like; tendency to the wish, best part, religious insight and tribal tendencies. There are other elements which are important in method discourse, for example; method specifications analysis, the sourse wich are used by the historian and etc that are studied in Astarabadi method analysis in the history of jahā ngoš ā-ye nā deri. The conclusions from this study show that to product and writing of this, there are some elements that affected on the insight and method of the history clerkship of these passages, for instance; texture, the writer's social situation, and individual tendencies, besides the language specifications, under the conditions and the time situations.
Keyword(s): Mirza Mehdi Khan-e Astarabadi,The history of jahā,ngoš,ā,-ye nā,deri,social and political atmosphere,insight,method
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