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Journal:   JOURNAL OF HISTORICAL RESEARCHES OF IRAN AND ISLAM   spring-summer 2018 , Volume 12 , Number 22 ; Page(s) 109 To 132.

Shah Isma'il, Kurdish emirates and the loss of Diyarbakir from Iran

Author(s):  FAROKHI YAZDAN, aminpoor arash
With the advent of the Safavid and the defeats of the rulers of Aghouwinlu and their enslavement to Diyarbakir, significant political events took place in the area. With the outbreak of the Chaldoran War, which marked the intersection of the policies of Shah Isma'il Safavi and Sultan Salim Ottoman, Diyarbakir's emperors also engaged in political affairs among them. On the other hand, the permanent separation of Eastern Anatolia from the territory of Islamic Iran is one of the most important historical issues in which the role of the Kurds is also worthy of consideration. What was the position of the Kurdish Diyarbakir and the island in the policies of Shah Isma'il and the Ottoman Sultan, as well as its role in the outcome of the Chaldoran War? This research in an analytical and descriptive way is trying to answer the most recent questions. It seems that the manner in which Shah Ismayl interacted with the Kurdish tribes in the Diyarbakir area and the political orientation of these tribes has had a significant impact on the territorial changes between the Ottoman Empire. The study shows that the Kurdish tendency towards Aghqoyunlu princes, their involvement with Qizilbashes, the Qizilbash replacement policy instead of indigenous emirates, the failure of Chaldoran, and finally the role of religious issues and differences were influential in the separation Diyarbakir of the Safavid realm.
Keyword(s): Kurds,Safavids,Shah Ismael,Ottoman,Diyarbakir,Chaldoran
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