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Journal:   JOURNAL OF HISTORICAL RESEARCHES OF IRAN AND ISLAM   spring-summer 2018 , Volume 12 , Number 22 ; Page(s) 25 To 42.

The Mongolian Imarats Role in the institutionalization of the Ilkhanids Rule

As a result of the Mongol invasion and its subsequent disorder, political and socio-economic structure of many parts of Iran was broken and there wasn't the appropriate fields for disappearance of these disorders for a long time. This paper with proposing this question that: what influence the Mongol rulers Tribal-ethnic ancestry had in reviving the traditions of the Iranian government and restoring security before the Ilkhanids government and what was the situation of systematic political structure of Ilkhanids era? It is believed that to reduce the efforts of Iran's ruling ravages which strengthen the uncertainty of the Iran political situation in division of Mongols emperor, started from the Mongol deputy that they had more civilized tribes and ethnic bases. These deputies with enjoying their cultural background and their contribution tribal representatives in systematically Mongolian power revived Iranian political traditions and transfer their experiences in to the institutionalization of government.
Keyword(s): Mongol,Ilkhanids,Qarakhatayids,Uighurs,Ouyrats
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